Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Heavy Winds in Maldives

On my way to India - The kind of clouds I saw from the Island Aviation flight in which I was traveling was really something to get scared off. Even that day while watching them and snapping pictures, I was wondering isn't this something like a hurricane because it was directly getting connected down and maybe no one is aware of it because we dont have hurricane tracking systems in our region. Similarly there was no earlier Tsunami warning equipments installed anywhere until it struck without any prior warnings.

Now I wonder, is this heavy winds that are approaching the tiny island where I belong it - just a trailor of what we are yet to face in the coming days or is it just a warning that gear up - I am going to hit you at any moment.

Unlike in New Orleans, we dont have such a well equiped MET department who can say that at this time the hurricane/tornado/twister or just too damn heavy winds going to hit on this particular zone. Maybe I am been stupid here, maybe the stallelite is tracking and keeping a record. Maybe I am too anxious and maybe I am too bored in this lone some country that I am writing all this craps.

But I would surely share the pictures I took on 16th July 2008.

Monday, April 21, 2008

OnGoing Violence

“Ongoing violence a situation that brings that sense of fear into your tickling bone to shake in fear of some unknown bad happenings”

There was a time when this country was known as one of the safest country to live and even now also the tag has been there but slowly with each progressing night, it is brought under the street lamps that it is not as how it was a decade or a year ago. Constant fear of whether I would reach my home safely even while riding or even while walking is running amok like a mad bull inside our hearts. The first sigh of relief is only felt after you see the open door of your house where you find the safest zone in the country.

This country has also amazed a lot of foreign staff not just with its paradise beauty, but when they see ministers from different ministries of Maldives who are running the government walking on the road or standing on the parkway waiting for a taxi or chatting with a friend. These are very common sights and it amazes the foreign workers who have to live under such tight security zones in other respective countries. But these are days which are soon to be gone, when you would find everyone confined to there own safe zones and the word fear is in tip of the tongue.

The recent gang fights are still a mystery for the common man to understand, even though many speculations just roam around by each other blaming each other, by agency pointing fingers at each other and by policy makers finding loopholes in laws. Now when you ride a bike at midnight, you have to be very cautious of the bike behind because you will never know when they would take out the weapon and slaughter you on your butchering table. When you are walking on the streets, you wouldn’t even have a split of a second to think when the knifes devour your dress and penetrates into your colorful life filling it with just two colors of deep red and black-out.

Even if you sit down on a big conference table with all the law makers or community members, you are not been able to control this situation or bring the peace and harmony back into the country.

The country has plunged back into normality after the intense patrolling by the police and military force, but how long would this be? How long would this patrolling be? Are we in a war zone? Are we in a civil war? What is really happening?

After some long thoughts and after some observation, I came to blame the whole thing on the parenthood of these crime stars. The simplest question that came to my mind was, what are these kids doing so late in the streets of male’? Aren’t there parents searching for them? Aren’t them even thinking where there kids are? Don’t they impose any kind of restriction?

Yes, if you have observed the present generation, the way the parents grow there kid is a sad story to watch by providing and feeding them with each and everything they request. If not in there hands, take loans or by any means fulfill the dreams and let them live the way they want. Human psychology says that if you let a person develop a certain behavior then no way you can bring that person to adapt to another behavior and it might cause in split personalities. In my times, I didn’t even dare to say a single word against what my parents use to say – how much I want something, if they don’t want to give me, I have to go with that. But in present generations if you don’t give anything they want – the whole house is brought down into pieces. I have seen parents who are been beaten by there little kids and they laugh over it and never say a word. I have seen kids of this generation who has beaten or hit big guys of there family in dislikes or fun and still there parents laugh over it and never say anything to stop those acts which are in the end fueling the behavior of these young generations.

Now, if the parents are been able to take charge of there kids by putting restrictions and making them learn the proper manners. This violence would never be seen in anywhere in Maldives… now do you think it is the police who have to go to the entire house and make sure that all there kids are at home and sleeping? Is it the military personals job to see how this people are behaving?

Thirdly, if any of these kids are arrested – it’s the parent who tries to defend them in the first place and later just let them go with the same life style after the release.........

I stop here with my view on this which can be just a 5% factor according to others, but as per what I have observed it is the major factor and this is time to bring awarnes among these parents....

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Climatic Change

This is somethin which I Xperienced on my way back from N. Kendhikulhudhoo, It was all of coming and we were lost for atleast 5 mins and had to slow down but thank God that we were in the vicinity of Male'

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lonely - Mr Lonely -

This happen to be one of the e-mail which I send to my Girlfriend, Just like the stuff I wrote in it and thought of bringing it out and post in my blog itself. So here it goes out in the BLUE
date Jun 27, 2005 4:11 PM

subject :Trying to Love u and thats all Im doing all the time darling- Love u a lot


Miserable life of mine without you,
Miserable feeling without you,
Miserable thoughts without you,
Miserable me without you,
Miserably in love with you.…

Why did u sail so far from me?
Why did u nail me away from you?
Why did u hail my love but still not near me?
Why do I love you so much?

Beyond expectations,
Beyond dreams,
Beyond limits,
Beyond extremes,
Beyond truth,
Beyond myself,
Beyond facts- I love u….

Love is when I feel your need,
Love is when I miss you,
Love is when I see you,
Love is when I feel your presence,
Love is when you love me,
Love is when we feel incomplete without each other,
Love is our belief and my belief is you…..

Sometimes I feel a strong desire,
A desire which almost make me an insane
Taking all ma sanity into vain,
This desire to possess you, to have you and to be with you
Kills the desire of myself living in here-
I don't know when this desire of seeing you would turn me insane,
But I sure do know that my desire to possess you is coz I love you-

Just want a life with you,
A life with our own dreams,
A life with our own selves,
A life mating our future into fruitful thoughts….

Thoughts come and go,
But your thoughts come and stay there like a strong impression-
And the next one takes over, even before that first one departs,
Likewise a day I spend half of the millisecond thinking about you,
The fun, the love, the care and the excitement we had just some days before,
A day is to less to get over your thought, coz I don't get a time to get over it,
Like a shadow, your thoughts follow me where ever I go and what ever I do,
It's a part of my life to miss you and to think about you,
Waiting for the day to come,
The day when I would be able to water my thirsty eyes,
My dried lips,
My swollen up soul,
The day when u would make all my dreams come true-
I'm waiting for that day like how a parent waits for there kid to walk or talk,
I'm waiting for you….

If loving someone so much is a crime,
Then I have committed the crime and I surrender myself,
But if asked for ma last wish, I would die to see you and die for you,
I'm the culprit of overdose of love and I love you so much
Even without your permission or knowledge,
I love you without any limitations-
Cage me inside your heart and I would get eternal peace….

A slight thought of you make tears filling up ma eyes
Eyes that had never shed tears shed it when u shed tears,
It is so difficult to be away from you my angel-
Do me a favor, come back to me
I'm dying to see you darling,
I really wanna rest on your lap and sleep….

Feeling like a kid who is missing his mother,
Crying and weeping in your absence is so common now,
Don't even remember how many times I have shed tears,
But I do smile before and after that and even now I feel like
Exploding and cry so loud that the whole world would know that
This kid is really missing his everything and he really needs her in his life-
And that's you my darling,

I better stop before I loose control on my own emotions….
I'm just fine and I hope that even you are doing great than ever before.
Always loving u with a different angle and perception,
That's me and I bet no one could ever love you the way how I love you and I'm very confident about this darling…
Please stay with me and please support me- I have learned to live you now….
Dont want to ask you, how you are doing? coz I believe that your doing fine and better than ever before.
Good Night
Take care
Your darling Jinan
Umaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (I wish this would come in reality soon)


Guess What!!! I'm still confident that I can love you more than anyone in this world and there wont be anyone who can love you more than me Farasath Abdul Shakoor :)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Free Broadband from Google!!


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This is really amazing, I always knew that Google where the best in business when it comes for customers satisfaction and here they are with there brand new estyle stuff of broadband and I must say that this is something everyone should try. Merely snapped from a kids imagination but something really going through.....

As extracted from google TiSP page ;)

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Go for it guys!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are we really Promoting Tourism?

Out of Habit, I was going through one of the leading newspaper of Maldives which also happen to be one of the most hit online newspaper of Maldives and apparently I came across an article/statement released by one of the party of Maldives known for its religious propaganda in its Manifesto.

The article was published out - as a reflection to the most recent controversial birthday celebration by anyone so far dated in the Maldives Tourism History. Estimates say that Philip Green spend around 6 Million Pounds (£) on this lavish party he organized in one of the resort of Maldives in which an all expense paid holiday for 200 close friends of Philip also joined in for 5 days with special items performed by the item Girl/Boys – Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and George Michael (unconfirmed reports saying that he charged around a whooping £750,000/- or more). The people who attended this party where not just ordinary friends, but some of the most famous and rich personalities engaged in fashion world, motor world and entertainment world.

The controversy started once after the people came to know about the two huge Idols of Buddha been erected in the resort where the party was held. It seems it went out of the religious view of the country and it was not allowed in the country. But I don’t know why people are making such a big fuss about this – If these people raise these as a way to get public vote or make awareness then they are just bluffing around.

1) Why is alcohol allowed to be imported into the resorts and why is it allowed to be sold in the hotels of the Island?
2) Why is alcohol allowed to be served by Maldivians? Why Maldivians are sent to foreign countries to be professional bartenders?
3) Why is Vulgar things shown in Public TV?
4) Why does Maldivians wear small dress and walk in the modern way?
5) Why is Christmas Day celebrated in every resort? Why is Valentine day Celebrated? Why is New year celebrated?
6) Why do you find dolls in the Shops and in kids hands? Aren’t those idols too?

These are just few factors I tried to find an answer, if they are so interested and hurt on religious basis. The funniest part about this episode I heard was that – the people of Baa Atoll who apparently build or reorganized this Idol for some huge money realized this only after they erected the idol and after they got the money and only after this came into the common man's knowledge. Sometimes I can understand that Islanders are not that intelligent but they are not this “Gaamaar” also.

If the above mentioned things are practiced in Maldives then I don’t find a reason why they should raise a voice and make a hue and cry over this. According to my understanding it was not to harm anybody feelings or to under estimate anyone’s view or country. My View of the whole thing after seeing the pictures was that, all they did was to go according to the theme of the Birthday party. Just like we (Maldivians) have Autumn, summer and some other themes for there parties, the big money people have high dreams of themes. I feel like it was more like made as in olden days, mystical tombs with dried flowers and some statue as you see in TOMB RAIDER.

Eventually, this birthday bash also attracted a lot of foreigners into our isles and even generated a lot of Per capita during the 5 days of Enjoyment.

*I’m not supporting this act, I’m just trying to be clear – You can’t accept to do something and tell someone else also not to do the same thing. Nor this mean that I'm not a religious person, I'm also very religious - But I dont want to percieve things like as how it is happening - You Let one sin take place whereas you discard the next sin with a lot of choas.

Monday, March 12, 2007

A company or Accompany to Watch a Movie

Yesterday we went for a cup of coffee after office and there I put a desire that I'm not able to go to cinemas down here and watch movies as most of my friends hate watching them on big screen. In India I was used to this and it was hardly that I go down a video rental and get on to watch at home. Almost every good movie, I make sure that I watch them first day first show with my gang of Indian friends. But in here everythin is so lagged, good films come so late and when it comes there is no one to accompany or give company to me. It was so boring and hence out of topic I just put this forward to my office mate during our sip of coffee in BURGER MATE and to my surprise, she also raised the samething and sighted her unhappiness as she couldnt make it to watch "Khabhi Alvida Na Kehna", "Don" etc (looks like a SRK fan to me). I normally throw myself into theater here with my cousin cause we both are bored, but recently she also got busy in her schedule (damn shes in her teens, so quite evident that she would have other obligations hehehe).

I was full of smiles filling almost all my words with it coz someone is gonna make it out with me to watch the same movie, in the same place and at the same time (theatre). But today when I came to office, I just realised how hectic our schedule for the upcoming EU mission planned for Kaafu, Raa, Baa And Lhaviyani Atoll is. She is more importantly ready to accompany me, but then the departure from here is early morning 6:00 tommorow and its a good ride on the sea for the next five days with the EU evaluator. Hence our mission is cancelled to accompany some crap persons mission, I'm sidelined again by myself .........

Can Someone accompany me? or gimme company? someone with a better luck ;)